Digital printing on plastic used to be hit and miss

Don’t take the risk... choose Promeg Digital™

Printing on plastic is often a gamble for digital printers!

Poor ink adhesion… inconsistent double-sided colour and image reproduction... stock that collapses when folded or cut… long lead times and higher cost because you need to prime.

Not to mention limited stock gauges, the inability to use it in curved applications and slow overseas suppliers…

If these problems seem familiar, we have great news.

Our experts have formulated a revolutionary polypropylene plastic that has none of these issues. Not one!

We call it Promeg Digital™, and we’d love to offer you the opportunity to test it out.

Simply use the request button below, and we'll post a
FREE pack of sample sheets. Alternatively, call our
office on 1300 996 066 and ask for your test sheets.

We’re confident that you’ll love the results, and your bottom-line will appreciate the cost-savings.

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Why Choose Promeg Digital?

*Fine print – MOQ and lead times apply

Promeg DigitalTM

Advanced polypropylene plastic — better ink adhesion for digital printers

Promeg DigitalTM

Better — superior colour and image reproduction on both sides

Promeg DigitalTM

Easy to process — cuts and creases just like standard Promeg®

Promeg DigitalTM

Quicker and more cost effective — no primer required

Promeg DigitalTM

More versatile — solid sheet with smooth clean edges suitable for curved applications

Promeg DigitalTM

Variety of gauges and sizes — choose from our stock range or make to order*

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